Investing made easy!

Discover why individual investors and their professional advisers have entrusted more than $40 Million to the GROUPIRA® Program.

Commission Free Investing

We never charge trading commissions, regardless of how frequently you exchange investments or rebalance your account.

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Zero Hidden Fees

Did you know that many investment products provide kick-backs to financial intermediaries? These kickbacks can be very costly for you, the investor.

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Institutional Investments

The collective buying power of many investors provides access to higher quality, lower cost investments, generally unavailable to retail investors.

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Personalized Options

It's your choice - Members can manage their own portfolios individually, or work with independent investment advisers to do the heavy lifting.

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Managed Accounts

Members who work with independent investment advisers can select from one of the advisers professionally managed model portfolios.

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Simplified Investing

Many brokerage platforms are intimidating, with costly bells and whistles. The GROUPIRA® Program Dashboards help investors to meet long term financial goals.

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