Invest with the Power of Many.

Through the collective buying power featured within our leading technology, the GROUPIRA® Program enables people to access investment options and investment advice, which were previously out of reach to most investors.The right advice can help individuals to reach their financial goals better. We make quality investment advice accessible to all investors through our investment advisory partners, regardless of account size.


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Create your asset allocation among your menu of investment options. Or, select one of the model portfolios, and let your adviser do the heavy lifting.
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Fund your account with new contributions, IRA transfers from other institutions, or rollovers from workplace retirement plans.
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Built to Improve Outcomes

The GROUPIRA® Program and Order Routing System was designed by career retirement plan service professionals to improve financial outcomes of individual investors. The technology infrastructure provides a fully responsive experience, so Members and investment advisers can manage accounts on any device. Our intuitive user interface and core features enable Members to save conveniently without the confusing, costly, and unnecessary bells and whistles of other platforms.


The GROUPIRA® Program Dashboard presents key information the moment you login to your account.

Manage Investments

Our intuitive interface enables GROUPIRA® Members to move money conveniently among investments, or rebalance their entire account.

Best of all, unlike many traditional brokerage platforms, GROUPIRA® Members never pay trading commissions.

Investment Returns

We calculate your personalized rate of return using a time-weighted formula. This approach takes cash flow into account, so GROUPIRA® Members get an accurate reflection of account and investment performance.

Measure Your Progress to Goals

Available to all GROUPIRA® Members at no additional cost, MyRetirement is an advanced analytical tool enabling Members to analyze and plan for difference financial scenarios. By adding outside investment accounts and income sources, GROUPIRA® Members and their investment advisers can easily see whether or not they are on track to meet their retirement goals.

MyRetirement Results

Through the GROUPIRA® MyRetirement Tool, our Members can evaluate whether their projected retirement savings and income sources will provide them with adequate retirement income.

'What If' Scenarios

GROUPIRA® Members can refine their illustration or improve outcomes through MyRetirement's powerful 'What If' scenarios.