Invest better for

whatever comes

next in life

A better platform

for advisers to

support their clients

A better way to

save for whatever

matters most

Invest with

the power

of many

Whatever your goals in life, GROUPIRA can help you realize them.

Open an IRA in 10 minutes or less and start saving today.

Claim your prior employer retirement account

Was your retirement plan account from a former employer distributed to a GROUPIRA Automatic IRA? We make it easy to claim your account.

Investing made easy!

Discover why individual investors and investment advisers have entrusted more than $80 Million to the GROUPIRA Program.

Commission Free Investing

We never charge trading commissions, regardless of how frequently you exchange investments or rebalance your account.

Zero Hidden Fees

Did you know that many investment products provide kick-backs to financial intermediaries? These kickbacks can be very costly for you, the investor.

Institutional Investments

The collective buying power of many investors provides access to higher quality, lower cost investments, generally unavailable to retail investors.

Professional Advice

Members can hire independent investment advisers to support financial planning and to develop asset allocation strategies.

Managed Accounts

Members who work with independent investment advisers can select from an adviser's professionally managed model portfolios.

Goal-Oriented Planning

Many brokerage platforms are intimidating, with costly bells and whistles. The simple GROUPIRA® Program Dashboards help investors to meet long term financial goals.

Investment Advisory Partners

We partner with independent investment advisory firms, so our Members can access high quality unconflicted financial advice. We invite you to learn more about our investment advisory firm partners.

Investment Adviser Directory