Plan Sponsor (HR) Partners

The GROUPIRA® Program helps retirement plan HR + 401k committees to streamline their operations, and expedite participant + plan termination services.

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Why Partner With Us

At The GROUPIRA®, we realize automatic rollovers due to employee turnover and plan terminations can be complicated, time consuming and difficult to monitor. Not only do missing participants increase costs for plan sponsors, but automatic rollovers become demanding on HR staff especially when plan terminations require special handling. The GROUPIRA® Program changes that. Our Program streamlines the process and takes the work load off you. Our project management support is guided by your specific needs. We have a dedicated support team for you and your participants.

Project Management

Combining our experience and expertise with cutting-edge benefits distribution technologies, we establish automatic rollover IRAs that comply with all IRA distribution rules while meeting the needs of your distribution process. You can rely on our comprehensive project management support from start to finish with quick turn-around services.

Average Account Balance

Plan Sponsors are eligible to use our services to boost the Average Account Balance (AAB) within the plan to better negotiate basis point fees with platform providers. This Fiduciary act has no cost to the Plan Sponsor, and leverages a third party provider with no conflict of interest to the incumbent platform provider.

Missing Participant Searches

Searching for missing participants can be costly and time consuming. We take this task off of your hands so you can spend more time growing your business and servicing your clients. We also offer this service at NO additional cost because we not only want to save you time, but save you money.

Program Capabilities

We pride ourselves in being an independent provider that accepts rollovers from any platform. We also provide an online portal for our partners, so they have the ability to monitor and track all participant rollovers to the program.

Notification and Fulfillment Services

We provide a wide range of capabilities at no additional cost. These include mailing bureau and fulfillment services including distribution notices and packets, special tax notices, OFAC and Patriot Act compliance, and filings to stay compliant with the U.S. Department of Labor.

Voluntary IRA Options

We offer claimed accounts a voluntary IRA program. This is not only an advantageous solution for the participant, but this can also help strengthen relationships with financial advisor partners because they now have the ability retain their clients they would normally loose to rollovers.