We Make Rollovers Easy!

The GROUPIRA® Program offers a better way to invest for whatever comes next in life.

What Are Rollovers?

A rollover is the process of moving your workplace retirement account (401k, profit-sharing plan, etc.) to an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Why Rollover?

Thinking about cashing out your retirement account? Think again...A rollover to an IRA keeps your retirement savings tax-deferred and avoids costly tax penalties. See this article from the IRS about the adverse tax consequences.

Why Rollover to the GROUPIRA® Program?

We developed the GROUPIRA® Program to meet a holistic set of needs, so all people can invest better for whatever comes next in life.

Commission Free Investing

We never charge trading commissions, regardless of how frequently you exchange investments or rebalance your account.

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Zero Hidden Fees

Did you know that many investment products provide kick-backs to financial intermediaries? These kickbacks can be very costly for you, the investor.

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Institutional Investments

The collective buying power of many investors provides access to higher quality, lower cost investments, generally unavailable to retail investors.

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Personalized Options

It's your choice - Members can manage their own portfolios individually, or work with independent investment advisers to do the heavy lifting.

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Managed Accounts

Members who work with independent investment advisers can select from one of the advisers professionally managed model portfolios.

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Simplified Investing

Many brokerage platforms are intimidating, with costly bells and whistles. The GROUPIRA® Program Dashboards help investors to meet long term financial goals.

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Ready to Get Started?

Our simple 3-step process gets your rollover processed quickly.

Step 1

Open a GROUPIRA® Program Account

Step 2

Contact your Former Employer or Plan Provider

Step 3

Distribute Funds to Your GROUPIRA® Account

Need More Help?

Our IRA Consultants are happy to assist you in any way possible!